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A&D Apollo GX-A/GF-A Series Precision Balances

Smart SHS® advanced technology increases performance and productivity
Innovative solutions to meet demands in validation, compliance, protection
Factory tough and laboratory precise

Apollo Analytical Balances
GX-A/GF-A Series

The A&D Apollo’s unique features help automate your lab for efficient processes and accurate, error-free measurements.

Increase productivity with 1 second stabilization time using Smart SHS
Easily determine the minimum sample size to reduce waste and increase savings, plus alert users to ensure USP41 compliance
Simplify your daily precision check and SOPs with the standard deviation function
Set up repeatability testing and run automatic precision checks without external weights using Electronically Controlled Load (ECL) management
Reduce errors and damage with impact shock detection and overload protection
Streamline filling or dosing accuracy, plus eliminate external pumps and stopwatches with flow rate measurement
Eliminate static disturbance of samples with available fanless/touchless ionizer

EK-AEP Intrinsically Safe Portable Balances

Versatile Weighing Ranges and Robust Design

Compact rugged design and reliable SG Weighing Technology
Versatile single weighing range to fit your counting, percent & comparator applications
Intrinsically Safe with optical communication options

EK-L Series Precision Bench Scales

High Resolution Compact Scale for Basic Counting and Checkweighing Applications

Everest EW/EK Series Compact Balances

Versatile Weighing Ranges and Robust Design

Compact rugged design and reliable SG Weighing Technology
Versatile single & triple weighing ranges to fit your counting, percent & comparator applications
NTEP approved & Intrinsically Safe versions

FCi/FC-Si Series Counting Scales

High Resolution Counting Scale for Advanced Applications
Internal resolution up to 1/5,000,000
Rugged aluminum die-cast housing with splash-proof display
9 models available to 100lb capacity

FG-K Series Bench Scales

Standard Platform Scale for Basic Counting and Checkweighing Applications
9 high-resolution versions available
Rock-solid frame construction with stainless steel platform
AC or battery operation with 4 C-dry cell batteries

FZ/FX Series Precision Balances

A precision balance that combines all of the essential weighing functions in a compact, light-weight package.

C-SHS Patented weighing technology
Compact footprint with fast stabilization
Dependable & durable
IP65 and Legal for Trade (NTEP and MC) models available

GP Series Precision Balances

The most versatile high capacity industrial kg balance

Double leveraged SHS weighing technology enhances performance accuracy up to 101kg capacity
Versatile swing arm & detachable display make it ideal for benchtops & floor settings alike
IP65 /NEMA4 compliant makes it resistant to dust and water

GX-K/GF-K Series Balances

Superior response speeds and minimial maintenance costs
Patented SHS weighing technology for high speed & accurate results
Robust design with washdown IP65
Diverse selection of Internal (GX) & External (GF) cal model with a broad range of capacities & resolutions

Galaxy HR Series Balances

Save Time & Money

Compact Super Hybrid Sensor (C-SHS) enables space saving with fast 2 sec stabilization
One-touch Cal allows any user to perform calibration in seconds
External & internal calibration models available to fit your application & budget requirements
Space Saving with Safety in Mind

Rugged, shatterproof breeze break with anti-static plastic provide safety for challenging applications where product & user safety is a concern
Rotary-Radius doors take up no extra room in fume hoods/glove box and increase safety by avoiding operation mishaps
The breeze break detaches in an instance, even with heavy gloves, making it easy to clean and safe to top-load
Simple Operation

Simple user navigation makes this ideal entry level balance from lab to industrial weighing environments
Front mounted illuminated spirit bubble makes for an easy leveling experience to ensure the best performance
Removable breeze break allows effortless cleaning of SS pan, spill ring, base floor
Breeze break top pivots left or right to allow easy access for tall flasks and beakers

Gemini GR Series Balances

Dependable and Durable
Splash/Dust Proof Membrane Keypad
Easy to clean antistatic breeze break, ABS housing, and SS pan, spill ring, dust plate & base floor
Stable die cast aluminum base with built-in internal weight that performs automatic self-calibration
Core Functionality
Easy to see large .7in (17.8mm) LCD display with simple 6 button keypad interface
Super visible front mounted spirit level bubble helps reduce leveling time and increase accuracy
One touch Full Digital Calibration (internal & external) ensures balance is calibrated onsite for the best performance
User Friendly Operation
Space saving footprint and collapsible doors maximize valuable bench space and reduce breeze break mishaps
Handy step card and door control lever opens either side of the weighing chamber for quick and efficient access
Easy-click door lock joints enable user to quickly configure doors to fit weighing work flows

HL-WP Series Compact Scales

Basic Compact Scale that can be used in Food Processing and Food Service Applications where Hygiene is a Concern.
NTEP Certified models (see table)
Small, compact footprint
Easy to read LCD display
NSF 169 and NSF 14159-1 listed; the highest hygienic food safety standards

HV-C/CP & HW-C/CP Series Bench Scales

High Performance, Multifunctional Platform Scale for Standard Industrial Applications
Triple-range NTEP legal-for-trade bench scale
Built-in traffic light comparator with 10 digit keypad
IP65 scale base with Gore-Tex® membrane protects load cell from water and dust

HV-CWP/HW-CWP Waterproof Platform Scales

High resolution and legal for trade models available
IP65 rated washdown construction with stainless steel pan
Large back-lit LCD with 1” high characters
5-step comparator traffic lights

HW-CEP Series Intrinsically Safe Bench Scale

Intrinsically safe scale for hazardous environments
The intrinsically safe product design ensures the highest level of safety and complies with the latest hazardous area standards
Weigh at the "Speed Of Light" in hazardous areas


With best in class precision A&D helps our customers reduce giveaway, prevent underweight, and improve efficiency. Our checkweighers are designed with production processing in mind. As retailers continue to implement new quality standards, businesses must adapt in order continue supplying a highly accurate and reliable product. Our system is user friendly, easy to maintain, and simple to integrate into an existing line. This approach allows our end users to quickly realize their return on investment.

Ion BM Series Balances

Eliminates Interferences

Easy ION switch allows built-in fan-less internal ionizer to neutralize electrostatically charged objects instantly at no additional costs
Large breeze chamber is flexible enough to adjust to all sample vessels small or large
Anti-static glass coating blocks outside electrical interferences
Auto response adjustment allows balance to auto or manually stabilize FAST, MID, SLOW depending on draft &vibration influences
Built in environmental sensors monitor and display the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure
Superior Functionality

Illuminated back-mounted spirit level bubble helps reduce leveling time and increase accuracy & precision
One touch Full Digital Calibration (internal & external) ensures balance is calibrated onsite for the best performance
Auto Self Calibration will detect changes in ambient temperature and auto calibrate.
Diverse Data Solutions

Data Memory up to 200 points
GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant reports with Manufacturer, Model, Serial, Balance ID, Time/Date, Mass Std, Signature space
Comes standard with USB and RS-232C with Optional Bluetooth and LAN Ethernet Interface with WinCT-Plus software
AD1688 Data Logger hand held device allows storage up to 5,000 pt with time/date and direct output via USB

MC Series Mass Comparators

Fully manage your mass standards laboratory

Meterological weighing to meet ASTM Class 2-7 and OIML Class F1 and below
Innovative auto-centering pan avoids corner-load errors and ensures higher accuracy
Extra decimal place makes it possible to monitor fine weight changes with heavy tare weights

MS/MX/MF/ML Series Moisture Analyzers

Save time and money with moisture results within minutes

Super Hybrid Sensor SHS technology gives ultra accurate moisture content even with small samples
Second radiant assist SRA feature allows for faster & uniform heating with halogen lamp
Simple to use and easy to maintain for all your loss-on-drying methods

Metal Detection Systems

Consumer safety at the FOREFRONT
A&D delivers world class performance enabling our customers to provide the highest quality products. Designed to detect up to 0.2 millimeters to safeguard against the smallest of contaminants while minimizing the risk of
false rejects. Our modular approach coupled with our stainless steel construction and wash down rating allows users to quickly disassemble the machine for easy maintenance and sanitary cleaning. Standard variable speed belting and our user interface make it simple for customers to program a vast array of products.

Newton EJ Series Portable Balances

A classic portable balance that saves on space without compromising performance.

SG weighing technology gives you the right functionality at the right price
Portable on-the-go weighing ideal for multi-user applications
Maximize productivity with long battery life and display hold features

Phoenix GH Series Balances

High Performance
OES technology offers high performance and a wider range of models with reliable accuracy & precision
Adjustable environmental (manual or automatic) response characteristics to help cope with the effect of drafts and vibrations
Automatic self calibration to maintain accuracy under temperature changes
Increase Productivity
Save time with one-touch Full Digital Calibration FDC (Internal or External). Makes calibration simple to perform within seconds
Easy to clean and operate with anti-static glass breeze break and stainless steel pan, spill proof ring and base plate
Advance stabilization bandwidth allows for fast response times
Flexible Capabilities
Auto power on ensures ready-to-use and optimal performance every time, reducing warm up/wait time
Balance ID and Clock/Calendar function allows for time & date stamps and GLP reports
Data memory plus the ability to export through bidirectional RS-232C or optional USB, Bluetooth & Ethernet

SC Series Bench Scales

Washdown Platform Scale for Standard Industrial Applications
NTEP Certified and Measurement Canada approved
Supersized LCD readout with 39 mm characters
Long batter life for continuous operation

SE Series Bench Scales

Basic Washdown Platform Scale for Standard Industrial Applications
NTEP Certified and Measurement Canada approved
IP68 rated dust and water
Supersized LCD readout with 39 mm high characters.

SJ-WP Series Washdown Compact Scale

High resolution and legal for trade in Canada and the US (SJ-WP models)
High resolution with Bluetooth connectivity (SJ-WP-BT models)
IP67 Waterproof and Dust protected rating
Reduce waste and increase productivity with traffic light comparator
NSF 169 and NSF 14159-1 listed; the highest hygienic food safety standards

SK-WP Series Compact Bench Scales

Legal for Trade portioning scale for wet and dusty environments, ideal for food processing and food service applications
NTEP Certified and Measurement Canada approved
Fast response for increased productivity
Temperature compensated load cell for use near ovens or in refrigerated areas
NSF 169 and NSF 14159-1 listed; the highest hygienic food safety standards

SW Series Bench Scales

Advanced Washdown Platform Scale for Food Processing Applications Where Cleanliness and Sanitation are Critical
NTEP Certified and Measurement Canada approved
IP69K rated for the ultimate in dust, water and condensation protection
Bright high visibility multicolored LED display with comparator display built-in

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