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SJ-WP Series Washdown Compact Scale

SJ-WP Series Washdown Compact Scale

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SJ-WP Series Washdown Compact Scale
  • High resolution and legal for trade in Canada and the US (SJ-WP models)

  • High resolution with Bluetooth connectivity (SJ-WP-BT models)

  • IP67 Waterproof and Dust protected rating

  • Reduce waste and increase productivity with traffic light comparator

  • NSF 169 and NSF 14159-1 listed; the highest hygienic food safety standards


  • Dual mode Legal for Trade with high resolution (SJ-WP) or high resolution with Bluetooth connectivity (SJ-WP-BT models)

  • IP67 washdown construction

  • 5000-hour continuous battery life

  • Fast stabilization time

  • Ideal for fast accurate checkweighing in washdown and dusty applications

  • Easy to clean after use

  • Ideal for food portioning


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