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HJ-150 Pocket Scale

HJ-150 Pocket Scale

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HJ-150 Pocket Scale
  • Compact, lightweight design fits in your pocket

  • Selectable weight unit (grams or ounces)

  • One-touch tare function


Compact Design

  • Easy to carry in your pocket, bag or briefcase!

  • Measurements can be done, even in extremely cramped conditions due to the small footprint.

  • Measures 66 x 98mm.


  • Including batteries, this pocket-sized scale weighs only 100g.

Selectable Weighing Unit

  • Meet any weighing application with your choice of weighing in grams or ounces.  Simply change the unit by pressing the button on the under side of the scale.

High Weighing Resolution

  • Just because this scale is small doesn't mean you need to sacrifice accuracy.  The HJ-150 offers precision weighing of 150 x 0.1g or 5.29 x 0.01oz.

Tare Function

  • One-touch tare function enables the user to use a container for net weighing.

Battery Operation

  • Uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries for convenience and easy transportation

Auto Power Off Function

  • To save battery consumption, the scale automatically turns itself off after 30 seconds of weighing "0.0g", or 2 minutes of a stable weight.

Large Backlit LCD Screen

  • Easy to read, the scale's display is 8mm high with 7-segment LCD to prevent reading errors.

  • Plus, the blue backlight function makes reading the display easy, even in dark weighing conditions.

Easy Calibration

  • Standard calibration mass of 100g comes with the HJ-150 - no need to purchase it separately!

  • One-touch calibration with the standard calibration mass provided makes calibration easy.

Protective Cover

  • The included cover protects the weighing pan from overload and shock-load when it covers the scale.

  • Doubles as a weighing container to measure small objects.


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