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On site repair. on all brands.

Quality scale service is where our business started 22 years ago. And that remains the main focus for Lakeshore Scale still today. From heavy capacity truck scales to high precision lab balances to scale system integration, Lakeshore Scale Inc offers ISO 17025 service, sales, and rentals for every area of the weighing industry.

Lakeshore Scale's mission is to provide total weighing solutions with fast, personalized service for Michigan businesses. 

We achieve those goals by investing in our company: hiring and training excellent service technicians and maintaining a fleet of service vehicles along with the necessary tools for the job. Thanks to our excellent network of suppliers, we can service any brand of scale. Friendly, trained service technicians will service and calibrate all of your scales on site. Our certified technicians can even place your legal-for-trade applications in service with the state of Michigan. 

Quality Commitment

Lakeshore Scale is dedicated to quality and a culture of continuous improvement. We are certified through the Michigan Department of Weights and Measures and by ANAB to ISO 17025 standards. Both of these certificates can be downloaded in pdf format. Our service goal is to ensure that your scales are accurate, ready to meet the demands of your work environment, and that you have the appropriate scale certifications.

Michigan service registration
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Emergency Service

We know our customers cannot afford to have downtime. Lakeshore Scale provides emergency services for you, anytime of the day, anytime of the year. Our service technicians are prepared for your emergency. Friendly scale technicians will service, calibrate, and certify any brand of scale on site. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Since 1998. Call us for help today!  


Need a certified scale for a short time? We offer a full line of scale rental equipment, big or small. Rent for a day, a week, or as long as you need. Call us today for a quote. 

Calibration and Maintance

Lakeshore Scale provides routine maintenance and scale calibration services which include: 

  • Cleaning and visual inspection of the scale

  • Calibration and adjustment as needed using certified test weights

  • Complete documentation of all work performed per ISO 17025 standards, including electronic certifications for every scale

  • Communication with the customer for any recommended repair work

Scale accuracy needs to be checked once a year at a minimum, sometimes much more frequently depending on usage and value of the product being weighed. When a scale gets used or moved, its calibration can be affected. But the only way to know is through testing with certified weights. 


If you have not considered regular calibrations of your scale, or if you would like your own set of certified weights, give us a call! 

This rental truck scale kept our customer in business while we installed a new Rice Lake SURVIVOR.

C.R.S. Certificate Retrieval System

Sometimes the paperwork can be as important as the accuracy of the scale. Audit demands and government regulations require increasing documentation of a scale's calibration. Lakeshore Scale provides an electronic calibration certificate for every scale through C.R.S. These certificates are ISO 17025 certified, and can be downloaded at no extra charge. If you are having trouble logging in, let us know and we will solve the issue quickly.

Click on the CRS icon at the top, right corner of our website to access your certificates.


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