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Weighing Systems

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Scale System

Fruit and Produce 


Scale System

Feedmill Control

Scale System

Process Automation

Scale System

To fulfill our commitment to providing Total Weighing Solutions, Lakeshore Scale will assist in the building of special weighing systems. The Lakeshore Scale team has engineered, built, and programmed various weighing systems over the years. These systems have been employed in fruit harvesting, fruit processing, plastics manufacturing, warehouse logistics, and feedmill operations, just to name a few. With advancements in process controlling indicators, these projects have become even more practical for customers. If you need a complex weighing process, we provide a simple solution: Lakeshore Scale can help you! And if we are unable to perform any aspect of the project ourselves, we have the right partners to assist us in getting the job done right. 

Here is a custom checkweighing system we built for an apple processing facility. If the apple bag is too light or too heavy, it is diverted off the conveyor line.

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