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Load Cells & Weigh Modules

Load cells are the sensors in a scale that read weight, by converting force into an electrical reading. Through its large network of quality suppliers, Lakeshore Scale can get any NIST certified load cell to fit your need: building new scale systems or fixing a broken scale. Call us to start a quote today!

rice lake load cells

Rice Lake

load cells

cardinal load cells


load cells

A&D load cells


load cells

rice lake weigh module

Rice Lake

weigh modules

cardinal load cell kits


load cell kits

Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are frequently used in scales to sum the signals from multiple load cells. Some of these junction boxes can even be used to convert your scale into a smart scale. Lakeshore Scale keeps a stock of the common j-boxes on hand to keep your scales running.

rice lake Tuffseal junction box

Rice Lake TuffSeal junction boxes

totalcomp scale junction box

TotalComp junction boxes

rice lake iQube junction box

Rice Lake iQube

smart junction box

cardinal scale smartcan junction box

Cardinal SmartCan

junction box

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