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HD Series Counting Scales

HD Series Counting Scales

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HD Series Counting Scales

Economical, Compact Counting Scale for Basic Industrial Applications such as Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory

  • Internal resolution up to 1/120,000

  • Operates on AC power or 6 C-cell batteries

  • Memory plus function allows for accumulating count data


Quick and Easy Operation

  • Quickly determine if a weight count is below, within or above target with the built-in comparator function

  • Optional RS-232C interface allows for easy connection to a printer or computer

  • Large, clear liquid crystal display (LCD) shows all important information at a glance even in dimly lit areas

  • Detachable display and large, stainless steel platform are ideal for weighing oversized containers

  • Intuitive operation with either standard keys (HD-A) or 10-digit keypad (HD-B)

Trusted Accuracy

  • High internal resolution up to 1/120,000 counts for accurate parts counting

  • Increased counting accuracy with Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement (ACAI), which automatically corrects errors caused by variation in unit weights

  • Key Lock Function limits operators to the minimum required keys, preventing accidental changes and errors


  • Stainless Steel (430) Platform

  • ABS Molded Plastic Housing

Weighing Units

  • lb, kg and pcs


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