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SURVIVOR® M-Series scales combine groundbreaking ease of customization with the proven durability that only mechanical scales deliver. In a market crowded with scales built to compete on price alone, SURVIVOR M-Series scales are designed and built to compete by value and performance under the most extreme conditions.

Permanent or Portable

The ATV-M is a mechanical version of our ATV models, offering the versatility to be either permanent or portable, installed above ground or in a pit. Its high-performance, low-maintenance mechanical lever design offers unsurpassed reliability and life expectancy. The ATV-M comes standard with a steel tread plate deck and easy access manhole cover.

Scale Options

Side pipe rails, steel bulkheads, conversion s-beam load cell(s), load cell mounting hardware, indicator, printer or other peripheral equipment.


Factory-assembled scale module(s) including weighbridge, deck, lever system installed in scale frame, inboard transverse lever (for electronic conversion) is supplied standard unless outboard transverse lever is specified at time of order; manhole access provided through scale deck; standard paint system is a high-performance epoxy primer on all steel with a top coat of alkyd enamel applied to the exterior surface steel.

Not Included

Foundation steel; approach coping angle; home run cable; concrete; indicator; printer; freight charges including material handling, shipping charges, transportation permits and fees, escort(s) charge, and insurance transportation fees.


  • Above-ground or in-pit foundation

  • Factory-assembled, self-contained modules

  • Individual module lengths from 10 ft to 40 ft

  • Multiple modules create desired scale length

  • Standard levers - 32.5 ton sectional rating

  • Standard height - 30 in

  • NTEP Certified 05-018

  • Standard deck - 3/8 in thick diamond safety treadplate

  • Standard widths from 10 ft to 14 ft

  • Capacities to 400,000 lb


Full Scale Capacity:
Standard 60,000 lb to 200,000 lb; Custom up to 400,000 lb

Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC):
Standard 50,000 lb to 70,000 lb; Custom up to 100,000 lb

NTEP Certified per H-44, Class IIIL
05-018 Measurement Canada AM-5598

One-year warranty on pivots, bearings, suspension, and mounting parts of the corner assemblies;
Two-year weighbridge

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