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SURVIVOR® AG Livestock Scale

SURVIVOR® AG Livestock Scale

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SURVIVOR® AG Livestock Scale

The AG livestock scale packs the performance of a SURVIVOR® into a mid-size, mid-duty frame. The AG comes complete with a fabricated weighbridge for a concrete platform, load cells and mounts, as well as top access to load cells.


  • 25,000 lb capacity load cells and pre-assembled G-Force™ mounts

  • NTEP Certified

  • Up to 30,000 lb full scale capacity in 5 lb increments

  • Widths up to 15 ft

  • Lengths up to 43.75 ft

  • For concrete deck (rebar and pan not included)


Load Cell Capacity:
25,000 lb

Concentrated Load Capacity:
20,000 lb

Full Scale Capacity:
30,000 lb capacity (x 5lb)

NTEP Certified 98-008

2-year limited warranty on the weighbridge
2-year parts warranty, including lightning protection

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