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RL-WMS-10 Wall Mount Stadiometer

RL-WMS-10 Wall Mount Stadiometer

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RL-WMS-10 Wall Mount Stadiometer

Rice Lake’s RL-WMS-10 wall mount stadiometer accurately measures height between 23 and 82 inches (58.4 and 208.2 centimeters). The RL-WMS-10 measures divisions of 1/16 inch (one millimeter). Users can quickly and easily obtain heights in either inches or centimeters. The aluminum-constructed RL-WMS-10 can be folded for compact storage when not in use and includes hardware for wall mounting.


  • Aluminum construction

  • Folding headpiece makes the product compact when not in use

  • Measures both inches and centimeters

  • Hardware included for mounting to metal, wood or sheet rock walls


Master Carton:
10 stadiometers per master carton

Measurement Range:
23 to 82 in (60 to 210 cm)

Height Divisions:
1/16 in (1 mm)

One-year limited warranty

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