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RL-MPS-20 Mechanical Physician Scale

RL-MPS-20 Mechanical Physician Scale

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RL-MPS-20 Mechanical Physician Scale

The RL-MPS-20 mechanical physician scale features a painted beam for weighing up to 440 pounds (200 kilograms). For added convenience, weight readings can be taken from either the front or back of the scale. Its base is designed with a removable, slip-resistant base cover for easy cleaning.


  • Sturdy, enameled steel body

  • Painted beam

  • Rugged scale understructure

  • Easy operation with two sliding weights

  • Removable slip-resistant scale base cover


440 lb x 4 oz (200 kg x 100 g)

Platform Dimensions:
(W x L x H) 10.75 in x 14.75 in x 4.125 in

Two-year limited warranty

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