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Rice Lake TE Series Tuning Fork Balance

Rice Lake TE Series Tuning Fork Balance

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Rice Lake TE Series Tuning Fork Balance

Portable and Functional Analytical Balance

Experience performance with Rice Lake’s enhanced TE Series balance.This NTEP approved balance creates an effortless user experience complete with a wide variety of functions, glass breeze break and configurable user keys. Equipped with Mono-Metal Tuning Fork Sensor (MMTS), the TE series brings remarkable response time and stability to many settings. The compact design of the TE Series balance makes it perfect for crowded work environments and portability. Powered by AC, AA batteries or USB, the TE series delivers convenience in a small package.

The TE series’ unique patented tuning fork technology provides stability with an extremely small margin of error. Cutting startup time by 90%, this technology eliminates the need for stabilization timewhile maintaining exceptional accuracy. The TE Series has remarkable programming flexibility with a large selection of modes to fit various weighing needs. Enhance productivity with functions such as unit count, percentage, gravimeter, statistics, animal, formulation and coefficient. The TE series adapts to any type of standard with the ability to weigh in 12 different measurement units providing superior performance.


  • External weight calibration

  • Seven-segment (main)/16-segment (sub) display

  • Selectable modes: Weighing, Counting, Percentage, Coefficient, Specific Gravity, Statistics, Animal and Formulation

  • Mono-metal tuning fork technology (MMTF) provides quick response and stability

  • 30-step bar graph display

  • 100-240 VAC adapter included

  • AA dry-cell port, (150 hours continuous use with LCD backlight and communication signal ON)

  • RS-232 and USB

  • Glass breeze break (TE-223 and TE-623 only)

  • NTEP Certified (COC 17-104)


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