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Rice Lake Farm Bars

Rice Lake Farm Bars

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Rice Lake Farm Bars

Durable and Versatile Livestock Weigh Bars 

Farm Bar animal scales are available in three capacities and cover a variety of weighing applications. These heavy-duty, electronic load cell scales can be mounted under most cattle squeeze chutes, hog crates, feed hoppers and custom platforms.


  • Indicator cable length 12 ft

  • Three feet ArmorGuard cable included

  • Kit includes 482 Legend Series digital weight indicator with internal rechargable battery

  • Factory calibrated when sold with instrumentation

  • Capacities from 2,500 lb to 10,000 lb


Safe Overload:

Full Scale Output (FS):
3mv/V nominal**
** Output is standardized for each model of load bar, consult factory for details

Maximum Excitation:
15 VDC

0.02% FS

0.02% FS

Thermal Sensitivity Shift:
0.0008% of reading/° F

Thermal Zero Shift:
0.0015% FS/° F

Side Discrimination:

Bridge Resistance:
350 ohms

Temperature Range:
-40 to 111°F (-40 to 44° C)

Cable Configuration:
8 ft between bars and 12 ft for the indicator

Two-year limited warranty

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