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RD-300 Remote Display

RD-300 Remote Display

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RD-300 Remote Display

Durable Remote Scale Display

Rice Lake's RD-300 is well suited for displaying weight data in many indoor areas. This model is housed in a durable FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) enclosure with built-in mounting tabs.


  • NEMA Type 4X Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) wall mount enclosure

  • Optional NEMA Type 4X stainless steel wall mount enclosure

  • Easy-to-read 1 in (25.4 mm) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

  • RS-232 and 20 mA active current loop interface

  • Status annunciators

  • AC operation

  • Backlight for dark conditions

  • Compatible with a variety of digital weight indicators; intuitive data receiver automatically interprets serial strings

  • 115 VAC and 230 VAC available


6-digit, 7-segment, 0.8 in (20.32 mm) Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Status Annunciators:
lb, kg, gross, net

Operating Voltage:
115 VAC, 230 VAC available
DC Voltage Range: 6.2-18 VDC

Input Interface:
RS-232, 20 mA active or passive current loop
ASCII compatible

Baud Rate:
Selectable: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200

Operating Temperature:
-13°F to 104°F (-25°C to 40°C)

NEMA Type 4X FRP or optional stainless steel

Approximately 5 lb (2.3 kg)
Stainless steel unit, approximately 8 lb (3.6 kg)

One-year limited warranty

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