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LaserLT-60 and LaserLT-100 Remote Displays

LaserLT-60 and LaserLT-100 Remote Displays

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LaserLT-60 and LaserLT-100 Remote Displays

Stainless Steel Remote Displays

Use the LaserLT-60 and LaserLT-100 remote displays to clearly display weight information at distances up to 150 feet. The displays are ideal for applications where weight needs to be viewed from a distance. Both the LaserLT-60 and the LaserLT-100 operate with a range of weight indicators to easily integrate with any system. The incoming format can be interfaced through a set function or with a manual setup.

The LaserLT-60 and LaserLT-100 are designed for indoor, outdoor and washdown applications. With adjustable brightness, the six-digit, seven-segment character LED displays are easy to read even in direct sunlight.

The stainless steel enclosure is weathertight with an IP68 rating. With a standard anti-condensation air valve regulating humidity and pressure, these displays are protected for outdoor use. The LaserLT-60 and LaserLT-100 are easy to mount with standard back brackets or optional side-mounting brackets. The back brackets have a 15-degree angle for clear visibility from below and side-mounting brackets can be used to support, hang or wall mount the remote display.

With SCT-1100 firmware loaded, configurable as a weight indicator

  • Max 10,000 divisions or multi-range

  • A/D 24 bit 4-channel conversion

  • Connect 4 cells with summing or up to 4 independent weighing systems

Indicators are NTEP approved


  • Available as a 2.4 in (60 mm) or 4 in (100 mm) display

  • Six-digit display with high-intensity LEDs

  • Auto Learn mode, weight value only

  • Configuration for format length, weight location, termination character

  • Manual Configuration mode for reading weight, variables and bitmap bytes

  • Parameters for motion, overload, decimal point, net character, COZ

  • Status LEDs for Zero, Motion, Net, Unit 1, Unit 2

  • Integrated five-key waterproof keypad with configurable scale commands

  • Adjustment for six levels of brightness through the keypad

  • Includes removable back wall mount bracket

  • Fitted with anti-condensation air valve to regulate humidity and pressure

  • Powered with 110 - 240VAC or 12 to 24 VDC


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