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HID RFID Tags, Readers, Cards and Keys

HID RFID Tags, Readers, Cards and Keys

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HID RFID Tags, Readers, Cards and Keys

HID RFID Tags, Readers, Cards and Keys speed up traffic flow and remotely identify vehicles with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Rice Lake offers a selection of devices to meet the needs of nearly any process.


HID RFID Readers

  • More powerful and versatile access control

  • User-friendly proximity technology

  • Uses the 13.56 MHz technology platform

  • High-intensity, three-color light bar provides clear, visual feedback, even in direct sunlight

  • Selectable, distinct tone sequences indicate status conditions

  • All RF data transmission between the card and reader is encrypted using a secure algorithm

  • Close range

HID RFID Cards, Keys, and Tags

  • Offer sufficient read/write memory to store multiple biometric templates

  • Available in a 2 or 16 application area configuration

  • Offer multiple, securely separated areas to enable numerous applications, including the HID standard access control application

  • Future growth for new read/write applications

  • ISO 15693 and 14443B2 standards for read/write contactless communication

  • Cost-effective way to enhance the security of your access control installation

  • Close range


Typical Maximum Read Range*:
2.5-4.5in (6.3-11.4cm) with HID iCLASS® card
1.0in (2.5cm) with HID iCLASS key
1.0in (2.5cm) with HID iCLASS tag
1.5-2.0in (3.8-5.0cm) with HID iCLASS prox
1-2in (2.5-5.0cm) with MIFARE® card
(serial number only)
*Using ISO 15693 mode (except MIFARE®). Dependent upon installation conditions. Please note that all iCLASS credentials are available in either a 2K bits (256 Bytes) or 16Kbits (2 KBytes) configuration.

(W x L x D) 3.30 x 4.80 x .85in (8.38 x 12.19 x 2.16cm)

UL94 polycarbonate

Power Supply:
10-16VDC reverse voltage protected
Linear supply recommended

Current Requirements (Avg/Peak):
80/260mA at 12VDC

Operating Temperature:
-31°F to 150°F (-35°C to 65°C)

Operating Humidity:
5-95% relative humidity non-condensing

8.8oz (249.5g)

Transmit Frequency:

Cable Distance:
Wiegand interface-500 feet (150m)
Recommended cable is ALPHA 1295 (22AWG)
Five-conductor stranded with overall shield or equivalent. Additional conductors may be required to connect all outputs.

Pending Certifications:
Taiwan, Singapore, Germany VdS

UL 294/cUL, FCC Certification, Canada Certification, CE Mark (Europe), New Zealand, Australia c-Tick

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