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CLS-680 Forklift Scale Display

CLS-680 Forklift Scale Display

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CLS-680 Forklift Scale Display

The CLS-680 was designed from the ground-up specifically for forklift applications. With a machined aluminum anodized enclosure, the CLS-680 is ideal for demanding, general-purpose forklift applications. Its compact size is attached with a RAM® mount for flexible positioning and minimal obstruction. Additional features include rounded corners, vibration protection and surge suppression.


  • Bright six-digit, seven-segment LED display

  • Battery backed time and date

  • Full numeric keypad

  • Two serial ports: RS-232, one reserved for CLS

  • Numeric keyed entry allowed for tare

  • Formattable tickets

  • CLS user modes

  • Machined aluminum enclosure with rounded corners

  • WiFi standard

  • Bluetooth® standard

  • Embedded PIFA antenna

  • RAM style mount ability

  • M16 connector, CLS scale connection

  • M12 connector - RS232

  • Power cable connector

  • RS-232 connection with power

  • PreVent breather vent

  • Illuminated power switch


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