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CB-3 Concrete Batch Controller

CB-3 Concrete Batch Controller

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CB-3 Concrete Batch Controller


  • One aggregate and one cement scale, water scale is standard for P/N 177747

  • Manual override controls

  • Customized batch ticket printing

  • Web server

  • 128 GB data storage

  • Material usage by day/week/month/year and inventory on-hand with reporting

  • Automatic aeration control for cement silos and weigh hoppers

  • Multiple freefall values per material

  • Split batching for loads larger than plant capacity with pre-weighing next batch

  • Automatic dust collection outputs

  • Order based batching

  • Units: US standard or metric (SI) operation

  • Aggregate conveyor

  • Loss-in-weight aggregate dispensing

  • Three dual or six single speed aggregates

  • Two dual or four single speed cements

  • Weighed water with water reservoir (P/N 177747)

  • Up to eight auxiliary manual controls

  • Mixer controls for central mix block or precast plants

  • Ethernet TCP/IP

  • Up to six admixtures

  • Multi-user interface

  • Dual moisture probe interface supports 4-20 mA


  • Monitor

  • Keyboard

  • USB hub four ports

  • USB WiFi dongle

  • Mouse

  • Additional four admixture control system

  • Portable batch plant system

  • Control panel for remote batching


Industrial PC Specifications:

B&R APC2100

Processor Type:
Intel Atom E3845
Quad Core

Data Storage Type:
Industrial CFast Card

Data Storage Capacity:
128 GB

Two Ethernet

Monitor Output:

Operating System:
Linux Ubuntu 16.04

24 VDC

920i Batch Controller Specifications:

Line Voltages:
115 or 230 VAC

50 or 60 Hz

Power Consumption:
500 mA, maximum at 115 VAC (26 W) / 240 mA at 230 VAC (26 W)

Full Scale Input Signal:
Up to 40 mV

Excitation Voltage:
10 ±0.5 VDC, 16 x 350 Ω or 32 x 700 Ω load cells per A/D card

Sense Amplifier:
Differential amplifier with 4 and 6 wire sensing

Analog Signal Input Range:
-10 mV to +40 mV

Analog Signal Sensitivity:
0.3 μV/graduation minimum at 7.5 Hz
1.0 μV/graduation typical at 120 Hz
4.0 μV/graduation typical at 960 Hz

A/D Sample Rate:
60 Hz

Calibration Method:
Software, contents stored in flash memory

(W x H) 4.6 in x 3.4 in (116 mm x 86 mm), 320 x 240 pixel VGA liquid crystal display (LCD)
module with adjustable contrast, 75 Hz scan rate 26,000 cd/m2 brightness

27-key membrane panel

Input Overload:
Load cell signal lines ±10 V continuous, ESD protected

RFI/EMI Protection:
Signal, excitation and sense lines protected

Motorola ColdFire® MCF5307 main processor at 90 MHz

Digital Filter:
Software selectable: 1–256, enhanced RATTLETRAP® hybrid digital filtering

Two-year limited warranty

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