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BenchPro™ BP-P Postal Digital Scale

BenchPro™ BP-P Postal Digital Scale

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BenchPro™ BP-P Postal Digital Scale

The BenchPro BP-P digital postal scale is ideal for small package weighing. The die-cast aluminum housing, stainless steel weigh platter and optional battery-power combine for a light-weight, portable weighing option.


  • Simple operation, easy to set up

  • Large six-digit backlight LCD display with 1 in (29 mm) characters protected by heavy duty tempered glass

  • Powered USB HID point of sale interface – kg model only

  • Nine-pin RS-232 interface for use with SMA and NCI protocols

  • Four AA alkaline battery operation for portability

  • Gravitational compensation allows for adjustment of factory calibration to meet your local gravity setting, non-approved


Dynamic Response:
Response time for stable weight:
0 - 1,000d, 1,000 ms, maximum mean average
1,000d +, 1,500 ms, maximum mean average

Internal Resolution:
500,000 internal count minimum

Overload Protection:
Corner & center overload protection

In-line Power Supply (included)
Input: 100-240 VAC, +10% -15%, 3-wire w/ground
Standard terminated with USA 3-prong plug
Output: 12 V at .1 Amps DC minimum
Frequency: 50/60 Hz +/-3 Hz, standard
Power Supply Approvals: UL, CE, EN, CUL
Battery Type: Four AA alkaline batteries, 6 V, with low battery indication at 4.3 volts (not included)
Battery Life:
50-250 hrs depending on backlight
and auto-shutdown settings

USB 2.0 full speed; Vendor ID: 1C19; Product ID: 0002

Divisions (multi-range):
Kg triple range
0-5 kg x 0.001 kg
0-10 kg x 0.002 kg
0-35 kg x 0.01 kg

Lb/oz dual range
0-7 lb x 0.05 oz
0-70 lb x 0.2 oz

Divisions (multi-interval)​:
Kg triple interval

0-5 kg x 0.001 kg
5-10 kg x 0.002 kg
10-35 kg x 0.01 kg

Lb/oz dual interval
0-7 lb x 0.05 oz
7-70 lb x 0.2 oz

Die-cast aluminum load bridge and base housing with stainless steel weight platter

Minimum key press life of 500,000 cycles,
ABS plastic housing
6 annunciators to indicate Zero, Gross/Brutto, Net, W1/W2/W3 multi-range
3 buttons: Units, On/Off, F1 (Tare is not applicable)

RS-232 Cable (included):
10 ft DB 9-pin male to female, straight pass through

USB Cable (included):
46 in (1,168.4 mm) A/B type USB cable

NTEP COC # 17-002
Canada Weights and Measures: AM - 6050
CE Marked

Two-year limited warranty

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