Tape and Ticket Printer Impact Ribbons

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Cartridge- or cassette-type, option for self inking and extended ribbon life.



  • Cartridge-type

  • Ribbon life approximately 3 million characters

SP2200 and SP2000:

  • Cartridge-type

  • Ribbon life is approximately 1 million standard characters

IDS-150A, IDS-152, and IDS-160:

  • Inked spools

TM-U295, TM-U200, TM-300:

  • Cassette-type

  • TM-U295: Ribbon life is approx. 1.5 million standard characters

  • TM-U200 and TM-300: Ribbon life is approx. 4 million characters (continuous printing)

Citizen® CBM-750 and Citizen® iDP-3111:

  • Cassette-type

  • CBM-750: Ribbon life is approx. 4 million lines (continuous printing) iDP-3111: Ribbon life is approx. 1 million lines (continuous printing)

Okidata 184 Turbo and 320:

  • Self-inking

  • Ribbon life is approximately 3 million characters

DH4000 and Toledo 8806A, SP298, SP2320 and SP2520, LC-7211, SP349 and SP300, DP8340:

  • Cassette-type


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