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OIML F1 Weights with Certificate

OIML F1 Weights with Certificate

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OIML F1 Weights with Certificate

OIML Class F1 Weights and Weight Sets with NVLAP Certificate


  • Weights from 5mg to 1mg are Aluminum. Weights from 500mg to 50kg are Stainless Steel.

  • Weight Sets up to 500g include a Polycarbonate Case. Weight Sets above 500g include Wood Hinged Case with Polycarbonate Case inside for weights 500g and below. 50kg weight does not come in case.

  • Individual Weights up to 500mg include a Polypropylene Case. Weights from 1g to 5kg include a Polycarbonate Case. 10kg and 20kg weights include a Heavy Duty Case. 50kg weight does not include a case.


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