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MSI Shear Web Load Cell

MSI Shear Web Load Cell

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MSI Shear Web Load Cell

Integrated Shear Web Load Cell

When load block integration is key, a low-profile, donut-style load cell that compensates for hook rotation without losing accuracy is essential. MSI designed the MSI-Shear Web Load Cell to be an integrated, low-profile load cell that can eliminate headroom loss without sacrificing accuracy.

With extensive crane hook integration possibilities, the load cell can be custom-fit for use with existing equipment. To transmit load data, the load cell can be interfaced with a wireless RF transmitter to communicate with a digital weight indicator or handheld remote display. Reliable and durable, the shear web load cell is IP67 rated, zinc plated and constructed with 4340 alloy steel. Designed for placement above the load block trunnion, the load cell features off-axis compensation and 0.10 percent accuracy of rated capacity.


  • Designed to be placed above the trunnion of a load block, this integrated low-profile load cell eliminates headroom loss

  • Off-axis compensation


Accuracy (Static Load):
0.5 - 1% system accuracy of rated capacity

4340 alloy steel, zinc plated

IP Rating:

700 ohms

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