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MSI-150 Sky-Weigh

MSI-150 Sky-Weigh

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MSI-150 Sky-Weigh

The Sky-Weigh cargo hook load monitoring system is available for nearly every medium to heavy lift helicopter. Each Sky-Weigh system is unique to its respective make and model aircraft and corresponding cargo hook.

A Sky-Weigh system consists of a cargo hook compatible load sensor, digital load indicator and interface cables. Complete installation and FAA documentation is included with each system. FAA supplemental type certification (STC) is available on most systems.

Sky-Weigh’s digital load indicator is microprocessor based for maximum precision and performance in any lifting operation. A brightness controlled digital display provides exact load readings without parallax errors even in direct sunlight. External loads are displayed in pounds or kilograms. Three levels of digital filtering provide stable readings under the most adverse load conditions. Operator friendly push button controls for zero and test are front panel mounted for easy access. A full function pre-flight test routine ensures reliable and accurate system performance and safe operations. The indicator's compact design requires minimum space for easy panel mount installation. 

Night vision goggle (NVG) compatibility and customized options are available for both military and commercial helicopter applications.


  • NVG display (contact factory for specifications)

  • Digital signal conditioning with analog and/or serial output for MFD interface (contact factory for specifications)


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