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PT20™ CPU for Crane & Material Handling Scales

PT20™ CPU for Crane & Material Handling Scales

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PT20™ CPU for Crane & Material Handling Scales

Fully Integrated RFX® Wireless Weighing Technology!

The PT20™ CPU provides the ability to easily process weight related data for monitoring and controlling loads.  Featuring USB/RS232 output, the PT20­™ can communicate with a variety of devices, including PC’s and displays, without cables, saving time and improving safety.  Displays Scale Layout or Scale List with Weight Units, Total Weight & Center of Gravity or Gross, Net, Tare (GNT) and the software allows four optional user info fields & seven optional vehicle info fields that display when printed and also computes automatic altitude and latitude corrections.


  • Central Processor

  • Built-In Printer

  • Power Supply for Recharging


  • Fully Controls Scale Functions

  • USB & RS232 Output

  • Store, Recall & Print over 2,000 Separately Stored Weight Records

  • Giant 0.5", Backlit, Display Characters

  • Enclosed Within a Harden Case for Durability & Portability

  • Standard D-Cell Batteries Last up to 200 Hours

  • Communicates with up to Twelve Scales up to 300’ (90 m) Line of Sight


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