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AC60-LP Aircraft Scale

AC60-LP Aircraft Scale

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AC60-LP Aircraft Scale

Low Profile High Capacity Fully Electronic RFX® Wireless Scales

Building on decades of aircraft weight and balance experience, Intercomp's AC60-LP™ low profile scale sets the new industry standard for aircraft platform weighing scales. No other fully electronic system incorporates unsurpassed performance of accuracy and repeatability into a single person portable scale that meets the requirements of airlines, MRO's, militaries and manufacturers for narrow and widebody aircraft weight and balance operations.

Incorporating Intercomp’s GaugeSense™ Technology, the fully electronic scales and load cells eliminates scale warm up time, shortens time between weighings, and removes the need for centering of tires on the active weighing platform. This is in contrast to older, hydraulically actuated, piezo-sensing scale technology, which results in Intercomp scales providing significant time savings for each weighing procedure.

The large active weighing platform enables weighing of even the largest commercial and military aircraft. Scales are constructed from aerospace grade machined aluminum and single person portable to enable rapid deployment and storage of scale systems.  Towable storage and transport carts with pneumatic wheels lessen wear on scales during transportation and come with integrated ramps, so technicians never need to lift a scale in and out of the cart.

When calibrated using Intercomp manual or auto calibration systems, these low profile platform scales can be tested, corrected and verified in less than one hour, saving valuable time.

Meets current USAF Purchase Descriptions and are available via GSA Contract and National Stock Numbers.


  • Up to 60,000 lb (30,000 kg) Capacity

  • Accuracy of ±0.1% of Reading

  • Large, Easy-to-Read, LCD Display

  • Temperature Compensation, Auto Leveling and Auto Calibration Correction

  • Latitude/Altitude Correction

  • Standard AA (LR6) Batteries Last up to 200 Hours in Scales

  • Single Person Portability

  • Intrinsically Safe Certified for use in Hangars


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