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BC6500 Bulk Ingredient Controller

BC6500 Bulk Ingredient Controller

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BC6500 Bulk Ingredient Controller

Control your automated bulk ingredient processes


Ingredient consistency. Data-driven accountability.

The Doran BC6500 system provides process control — tying together all minor and bulk ingredients into a unified comprehensive batch report for traceability and control of your products.

This system has the features and functionality to drive productivity, improve accountability, reduce downtime, and maintain pinpoint control – so you can accurately project financial return on every batch.

Throughout the process, the BC6500 provide real-time data for real-time control — to lower ingredients costs, reduce bad batches, improve operator accountability and find efficiencies.

This innovative product exemplifies Doran’s focus on precision, productivity, and performance — and this highly flexible system can meeting the most demanding applicatons.

Formula Loader software included.

Formula Loader is a complete formula control application that ensures precise formulations, validation to meet government regulations and QC certifications, and ingredient traceability.

By delivering real-time data and access from
any browser, operators and managers can improve accountability when creating a product manually or with a batching, dosing, or process
control system.

With Doran, you’re in total control.

For 40 years, Doran has set a standard for product quality, value and service.  Our high-performance turnkey solutions meet the production requirements of food processing, healthcare, chemical manufacturing, and industrial applications.

Doran systems are widely used in applications from 0.10 gm to 100,000 lb — and the company’s comprehensive product line includes the industry’s most varied selection of off-the-shelf options, including tower heights, platform sizes, custom indicators, user-programmable options, and connectivity software.


Warranty: Two Year Parts & Labor

Display: LCD - 7" TFT LCD, 800 x 480

Controls: Clear, Enter, Start/Stop,
Lot ID, Recall, Zero, Menu, F1, and Alphanumeric Keypad

Power: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz (230 VAC Optional)

Communications: Standard: USB & Wired Ethernet

Optional: Wireless Ethernet

Construction: 304 Stainless Steel (16 Gauge)


Columns: 20" Column Standard and 30" Columns Available

Scales bases: 8 x 8 in to 5 x 5 ft Accurate to 0.10 gm

Weight capacity: 1 to 100,000 lb

Accessories: Thermal Label Printer, Heavy-Duty Barcode Scanners, and External Stainless Steel Relay Box with Emergency Stops and Relays

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