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WPS12UT Digital Scale with Utility Bowl

WPS12UT Digital Scale with Utility Bowl

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WPS12UT Digital Scale with Utility Bowl

DETECTO’s WPS12UT digital scale with utility bowl is IP67-rated for water protection and can be completely submersed underwater for easy clean up that is necessary in clinical industry applications. This stainless steel scale is ideal for weighing used chux underpads, wet diapers (for both adults and children), lap sponges, and organs. The 4.6 in / 11.7 cm deep bowl aids sample retention and allows easy clean-up. The scale can be used to accurately measure fluids or blood loss during clinical procedures. It is excellent for weighing diaper fluids or blood loss absorbed by chuxs used in the OR when mothers hemorrhage during labor. The scale’s digital speed and accuracy means you’ll be able to view weights instantly with up to a fine 0.1 ounce or 1 gram accuracy. The model WPS12UT offers six different capacities, including 192 oz x 0.05 oz and 5,500 g x 1 g. The scale allows you to weigh, measure, and quantify blood loss for optimal QBL. The built-in rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter are included, allowing the scale to be easily moved to multiple locations. The Tare button removes the dry diaper or chux weight and measures fluid output of the soiled diaper or bloody chux. The digital scale features an attractive backlit blue LCD readout with convenient display viewing angle and raised buttons for tactile functionality and easy operation. The stainless steel scale and bowl construction prevents corrosion and keeps water from reaching the more delicate working parts of the scale electronics. The NSF-certified stainless steel scale offers a dual power source of rechargeable battery power or 100-240V AC adapter (included) with a watertight AC plug on the side. The convenient 80-hour rechargeable battery pack allows the scale to be moved wherever it’s needed most. The automatic shutoff feature helps conserve battery life. The WPS12UT includes the submersible WPS12 Mariner® scale, roomy stainless steel bowl, AC adapter, quick set-up instruction sheet, and full operation manual. Whether the fluid loss is collected by lap sponges, diapers, or underpads, DETECTO’s WPS12UT digital scale will weigh it accurately and precisely in a second.


  • Accurately Measure Fluids or Blood Loss During Clinical Procedures

  • Weigh Chux Pad / Wet Diapers / Lap Sponges / Organs

  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery Pack and AC Adapter Included

  • Digital Accuracy Down to 1 Gram

  • Six Different Capacities, Including 192 oz x 0.05 oz and 5,500 g x 1 g

  • Raised Buttons Allow for Tactile Functionality and Easy Operation

  • Convenient Upward-Facing Weight Display Viewing Angle

  • Tare Function to Remove the Weight of a Dry Chux or Diaper

  • Instantly Displays Weight in Both Decimals and Fractions

  • 1.2-in/20-mm High Backlit LCD is Easily Readable in Dimly-Lit Areas

  • Toggle Through Six Different Weight Capacity Display Options

  • Convenient 80-Hour Rechargeable Battery Pack Allows the Scale to be Moved Wherever it’s Needed Most

  • 4.6 in / 11.7 cm Deep Bowl Aids Sample Retention and Allows Easy Clean-up

  • Tare Button Removes the Dry Diaper or Chux Weight and Measure Fluid Output of the Soiled Diaper or Bloody Chux

  • Convenient Large-Size Weighing Bowl Included

  • Attractive Backlit Blue LCD Readouts with Convenient Display Viewing Angle

  • 12-lb Capacity with 0.1-oz Accuracy

  • Weigh, Measure, and Quantify Blood Loss for Optimal QBL

  • Stainless Steel Scale and Bowl for Sterile Environments


Model: WPS12UT
Capacity/Resolution: 12 lb x 0.1 oz / 12 lb x 0.005 lb / 12 lb x 1/8 oz / 192 oz x 0.05 oz / 192 oz x 1/8 oz / 5,500 g x 1 g
Overall Dimensions (Scale and Bowl): 13.6 in W x 13.6 in D x 6.9 in H / 34.5 cm W x 34.5 cm D x 17.5 cm H
Bowl Dimensions: 13.6 in W x 13.6 in D x 4.6 in H / 34.5 cm W x 34.5 cm D x 11.7 cm H
Construction: Stainless steel (bowl and scale enclosure)
Display: 1.2-in / 30-mm high backlit blue LCD, 5 digits
Digits: 1-in / 25-mm high black LCD
Keypad Buttons: ON/OFF, UNITS/Backlight, SET, TARE
Power: AC Adapter (with US plug included): 100-240 VAC input, 9V @ 1A output. Battery (included): Ni-MH rechargeable 4.8 VDC 1800 mA (Please note: a plug adapter is required for international use)
Battery Life: 80 hours of continuous use with a fully recharged battery pack
Feet: 6 rubberized feet for traction
Tare: 100% of full scale capacity
Zero: Established on power up routine and maintained by auto-zero circuitry
Enclosure Rating: IP67 submersible underwater
Operating Temperature: 40° to 105°F (5° to 40°C)
Storage Temperature: 40° to 140°F (5° to 60°C). Please Note: The WPS12UT is not commercial dishwasher safe.
Net Weight: 4.6 lb / 2.1 kg
Shipping Weight: 7.6 lb / 3.4 kg
UPC Code: 809161317404

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