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Weigh Beam Stainless Steel

Weigh Beam Stainless Steel

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Weigh Beam Stainless Steel

Detecto’s world-renowned, eye-level mechanical weigh beam physician scales feature a dual-reading die-cast weighbeam which may be ready from either side of the scale. The long-lasting, durable stainless steel construction and a heavy-duty solid, stable base 10.5 x 14.5 inch (27 x 37 cm) is perfect for locker rooms or high-humidity areas. Capacity may be increased by using an optional counterweight. Scale is 59 inch (150 cm) high. Available with or without height rod.


  • Stainless steel construction for long-lasting quality

  • Available in lb, lb/kg, and kg models

  • Available with or without a height rod

  • Ideal for locker rooms, gyms, and high-humidity areas around swimming pools and showers

  • Stainless steel construction protects against rust from mopping around the scale base

  • 59 in/148 cm high for eye-level convenience

  • Die-cast beam can be easily read from either side

  • 6 different models available in stainless steel

  • Capacities available: 400 lb/175 kg, 400 lb, or 180 kg

  • Attractive stainless steel scale fits well in all types of environments with timeless appearance

  • Simple to operate – no power required

  • Easy to read due to eye-level display

  • Sturdy construction with stainless steel frame

  • Height measurement range: 30-78 in / 76-200 cm

  • Height graduations: 0.25 in / 0.5 cm

  • Anti-tip column design

  • Trusted by physicians since 1900

  • Time-proven benefits of stainless steel: cleans easily and completely for optimal hygiene


Capacity (439S, 437S): 400 lb x 4 oz
Capacity (2391S, 2371S): 180 kg x 100 g
Capacity (339S, 337S): 400 lb x 4 oz / 175 kg x 100 g
Height Measurement Range (on select models): 30-78 in / 76-200 cm
Height Graduations (on select models): 0.25 in / 0.5 cm
Platform Size: 14.75 in x 10.75 in / 37.5 cm x 27.3 cm
Overall Width: 17.5 in / 44.5 cm
Overall Height: 58.25 in / 148 cm
Overall Depth: 20.5 in / 52 cm
Construction: Stainless steel
Shipping Weight (439S, 2391S, 339S): 38 lb / 17 kg
Shipping Weight (437S, 2371S, 337S): 35 lb / 15 kg
Country of Origin: USA

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