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SRL Pit Series Truck Scale

SRL Pit Series Truck Scale

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SRL Pit Series Truck Scale

Cardinal’s SRL series are heavy-duty welded steel truck scales that are still considered the benchmark in truck scale concepts. Thousands of installations over the past 60 years are testimony to their superior quality and long-term accuracy. Cardinal Scale has continued to improve their design: only 4 main levers with 1 transverse lever on the four section models and 2 main levers with 1 transverse lever on the two section models. These ruggedly-designed axle load and full-length truck scales are permanently installed in a pit and utilize the unique features of Cardinal’s truck scales, assuring a lifetime of dependable service. NTEP legal-for-trade certified.


  • Axle Scales or Full Truck Length Platforms

  • Double Link Suspension

  • Exclusive CON-LOCK Concrete Decks

  • Heavy-Duty Structural Steel Tubing

  • NTEP Legal for Trade

  • Pit Installation for Easier Truck Loading


Scale Width: 10 ft
CLC: 30, 45 or 60 tons
NTEP Approval: 88-012

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