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PRL Self-Contained Truck Scale

PRL Self-Contained Truck Scale

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PRL Self-Contained Truck Scale

Cardinal’s PRL series heavy-duty, self-contained mechanical truck scales are made for endurance and accuracy, while remaining completely self-contained. Tandem units are simply composed of two or more scales of the same or different platform lengths tandem-connected for greater capacity. When split, each unit is a self-contained scale in itself, offering 3-in-1 scale flexibility. A rock-solid, checkered steel deck plate is standard and available with several options for lengths and capacities. NTEP legal-for-trade certified.


  • Durable Anti-Corrosion Powder Paint

  • Lever Design

  • Self-Contained Portability for Multiple Locations

  • Single Units or Tandem


Scale Width: 10 or 12 ft
Paint: Baked-on epoxyde cross-linked polyester anti-corrosion tan powder paint

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