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LS Electro-Mechanical

LS Electro-Mechanical

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LS Electro-Mechanical

Structural steel levers and seamless steel tubing provide extra strength and less weight. Fewer levers and double-link suspension bearings mean less wear and tear and eliminates platform shock prolonging the life of this scale. Pivots are tempered high-grade tool steel and, along with self-aligning bearings, are supported throughout their entire length. Interchangeable parts and simple pit design make installation and maintenance simple. Many different platform sizes and weight capacities are available to choose from, ranging from 12 x 8-foot to 26 x 14-foot and 5 to 20-ton respectively. These farm scales provide an economical approach to agricultural weighing. Available in wood or concrete deck models. Livestock rack not included. NTEP legal-for-trade.


  • Agricultural Products

  • Double-Link Suspension Bearings

  • NTEP Legal for Trade

  • Pit Design for Easy Animal Loading

  • Wood or Concrete Decks Available


NTEP Approval: 88-017

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