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ARMOR® Steel Deck Truck Scale

ARMOR® Steel Deck Truck Scale

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ARMOR® Steel Deck Truck Scale

Cardinal Scale’s steel deck ARMOR® series truck scales with digital SmartCell® load cells offer unmatched performance built to last a lifetime of heavy-duty weighing use. Every facet of the digital truck scale weighbridge and electronics have been specifically built for long-lasting endurance, minimal upkeep, and IoT monitoring convenience. ARMOR® truck scales feature 135-ton capacity, 50-ton CLC, no moving parts below the scale deck including the load cells, more structural steel than the competition, SmartCell® stainless steel waterproof digital load cells, baked-on tan powder coat paint, and IoT-enabled iSite remote monitoring software. The ARMOR® is the top-rated truck scale on the market for vehicle weighing.


  • 8-Inch-High Clearance Below Load Cells Avoids Debris Accumulation Affecting Performance

  • axis Frictionless Centering System Load Cell Stands

  • Heavyweight 50-Ton CLC

  • IoT-enabled iSite Remote Monitoring Software

  • Load Cell Pockets Completely Surrounded by I-beams

  • Load Cell Stands Pre-Installed for Lightning-Fast Installation

  • Long-Lasting Baked-on Tan Powder Coat Paint

  • No Moving Parts Below the Scale Deck (Including the Load Cells)

  • NTEP Legal for Trade

  • SmartCell Stainless Steel Waterproof Digital Load Cells

  • Standard Platform Sizes From 12 to 160 ft Long (10 to 14 ft Wide)

  • Tightly-Spaced I-beams for Optimal Structural Integrity


Concentrated Load Capacity: 50 tons
Overall Capacities:
From 50 tons up to 135 tons standard
Platform Sizes:
From 12 ft to 160 ft long standard and 10 ft to 14 ft wide standard
Load Cell:
Digital SmartCell model SCBD stainless steel waterproof load cell
Load Cell Cables:
Metal braided and run in continuous galvanized steel conduit
Load Cell Type:
Digital double-ended shear beam strain gauge design with 75,000 pound capacity
Overall Scale Height:
17.5 inch high (custom scales available as low as 13.5 inch high)
Clearance Height From Top of Pier to Lowest Part of Load Cell:
8 inch
Baked-on, heavy-duty polyester anti-corrosion tan powder paint
Steel Deck Thickness:
5/16 inch thick checkered deck (3/8 inch is optional)
Load Cell Stands:
axis® frictionless centering system fabricated from one-inch-thick steel to minimize rust and corrosion damage
Navigator model 225D digital weight indicator
NTEP Approval:
Measurement Canada Approval:
Distance from Top of Pier to Lowest Part of Weighbridge:
5 inch
Network Connections:
Direct Ethernet (standard), Wi-Fi (optional), or cellular modem (optional)
IoT Remote Monitoring Software:
Cloud-based iSite remote monitoring with e-mail and/or text alerts
Load Cell Exclusive Protection:
All SmartCells are completely encapsulated and filled with a proprietary potting compound to fill all internal voids and prevent any potential for moisture entering the load cell
Internal Structural Integrity:
7.5-inch apart tight concentration of I-beam spacing which additional completely surrounds the load cell pockets
Standard 5-year bridge-and-below warranty
Country of Origin:
Optional Guide Rails:
Optional 4-inch-diameter, bolt-on pipe guide rails 8.5-inch above the deck surface

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