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495 Series, Stationary

495 Series, Stationary

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495 Series, Stationary

This heavy-duty stationary wheelchair scale features a detachable ramp for smooth entry and exit. The 495 features a padded handrail for ambulatory patients and DETECTO’s world-renowned die-cast, dual-sided, eye-level weighbeam graduated in 4 oz increments. The weigh beam is readable from either side. Input from customers specializing in the care of ambulatory patients provided information which was transferred into features and benefits of this scale, evident the first time you use it! The weighbeam is located at a height above the platform and wheelchair location where a healthcare professional can perform the weighing operation easily and comfortably. The capacity is 450 lb x 4 oz and the platform size is 30 in W x 26 in D x 2 in H / 76 cm W x 66 cm D x 4 cm H.


  • 450 lb Capacity

  • 4 oz Accuracy

  • Spacious Weighing Platform

  • Die-cast, Easy-to-Read Weighbeam

  • Sturdy Steel Construction

  • Beam is Readable From Both Sides

  • Skid-proof Black Mat

  • Ramp Included

  • No Power Required: Mechanical Weighbeam Style

  • Long-Lasting, Clinical-White Powder Paint Finish


Model: 495
Capacity: 450 lb x 4 oz
Platform Dimensions: 30 in W x 26 in D x 2 in H / 76 cm W x 66 cm D x 4 cm H
Beam Type: Mechanical
Design: Equipped with wheelchair ramp
Shipping Weight: 187 lb / 85 kg

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