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Weight Wrangler Portable Livestock Scales

Weight Wrangler Portable Livestock Scales

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Cardinal Scale’s portable Weight Wrangler group animal scales provide a self-contained NTEP legal-for-trade weighing system that can be used on any firm surface with up to a 5% grade (maximum allowed by NTEP). The hoof-gripping rubberized component deck and steel cattle pen enclosure with dual swing gates are all suspended at four points within a portable base frame. The Weight Wrangler can weigh groups of cattle up to 15-20 head at a time (20,000 lb x 5 lb capacity). The scale includes a weight indicator, USB port to store transactions, and ticket printer. The mobile weighing center cabinet feature toolbox latches to properly secure the lids and doors.


  • Agricultural Products

  • Calculates Shrink Loss for Livestock Group

  • Can Be Used on Any Firm Surface With up to a 5% Grade

  • Completely Self-Contained Portable Animal Weighing

  • Durable Steel Cattle Pens

  • High-Quality Composite Flooring for Livestock Stability and Assurance

  • Includes Lower Frame for Portability

  • Includes Mobile Weighing Center

  • Includes USB Port to Store Transactions

  • NTEP Legal for Trade

  • UV-Protected Baked-on Tan Powder Paint

  • Weigh Groups of Cattle up to 15-20 Head at a Time


Capacity: Model LSP1513-MWC225P: 15,000 lb x 5 lb / Model LSP2018-MWC225P: 20,000 lb x 5 lb
Overall Dimensions:
Model LSP1513-MWC225P: 13 ft L x 7 ft 4 in W x 8 ft 2 in H / Model LSP2018-MWC225P: 18 ft 5 in L x 7 ft 4 in W x 8 ft 2 in H
225 weight indicator, CTP-1 ticket printer
USB for transaction storage on portable USB drive
Tilt Angle:
Up to 5% in any direction (maximum allowed by NTEP)
UV-protected, baked-on tan powder paint
HIgh-quality rubberized non-slip composite flooring with predefined floor plank seams in the scale deck prohibit debris from compiling underneath
Digital Filtering:
StableSENSE® digital filtering that filters the weight signal to produce a stable weight display in spite of motion on the scale platform due to animal movement
Country of Origin:
NTEP Certificate of Conformance:
Certificate number 16-042 (legal for trade)
Accuracy Class:
Collector Panel Mount Bow (qty. 1), Horse Risers, Dual Latch Gate
Power Requirements:
12V automotive type battery (battery is not included)
Deck Height:
6 inches when in weigh mode for easy step-in
Indicator LIvestock Functions:
Shrink loss, current head count, gross weight, average weight, and previous and total head count, gross weight, and average weight
Included with scale and detects scale angle to determine if angle is out of acceptable tolerance for weighing (blanks out if out of NTEP tolerance - up to 5% tilt angle)
Indicator Display:
240 x 64 pixel (5 in W x 1.33 in H / 127 mm W x 34 mm H) monochrome graphics LCD with white LED backlight and visible in direct sunlight
60 key color-coded keypad with QWERTY keys plus four soft keys and 13 function keys
Load Cells:
NTEP stainless steel model ZX-10000 tension load cells
Two swing gates included
Cardinal Scale model CTP-1 dot matrix ticket printer included in mobile weigh center for NTEP legal-for-trade ticket printing of transactions
Shipping Weights:
LSP2018-MWC225P: 5,027 lb; LSP1513-MWC225P: 4,188 lb

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