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TransAct® LE/TransAct®/TransAct® Plus

TransAct® LE/TransAct®/TransAct® Plus

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From installation and setup, to everyday transactions, data management has never been easier. TransAct® was designed to make new scale management installations or upgrades virtually effortless. Even operators with little or no computer experience are immediately comfortable with its intuitive, graphically-enhanced user interface. But don't let its simplicity fool you—TransAct serves as a powerful central database, seamlessly integrating your entire operation with transaction information. From the scale, to the office, to the customer, all relevant data is quickly and accurately generated for each step in your enterprise.


TransAct LE/TransAct/TransAct Plus

  • Intuitive menu-driven programs

  • Ticket editing, voiding, reprinting with the Quickscan utility

  • Report to screen, printer or export

  • Password protection

  • Easy-to-use graphic interface

  • Full mouse and keyboard support

  • Fault-tolerant data recovery to protect from system crashes

  • Barcode, magstripe and RFID interface

  • Full database backup

  • Truck overweight warning

  • Predetermined keyboard and automatic tare entry

  • Interfaces to ticket, tape, dot-matrix and laser printers

  • Unlimited configurable ticket formats

TransAct/TransAct Plus

  • Generate unlimited tax codes from the list of tax authorities; up to five tax authorities can be selected for each tax code (examples: federal + state = 5.5%, federal + state = 5.7%))

  • Detailed tax reports by each tax authority

  • Retained the Rev. 5 combined invoices/statement option (balance forward list ticket)

  • Transaction importing/exporting for long distance transfers in non-networking applications

  • Networkable

  • Three configurable tares

  • Four configurable categories

  • Configurable product rates

  • Multiple scale operation

  • Multiple transactions per ticket

  • Job table for contract purchases

TransAct Plus

  • Accounts payable and receivable

  • Aging report showing current and extended balance 30, 60 and 90 days

  • Expandable reporting features

  • Credit weight limits

  • Prints customer invoices and statements with detailed transaction information

  • Full reporting by account, revenue, tonnage, material and transaction

  • Invoice processing is separate from statement processing

  • Two invoice options available (open item, balance forward)

  • Invoice and statement printing options (print summary report, print detailed report)

  • Reprint invoices, statements, summary reports or details reports by isolating ranges of invoice numbers or dates

Note: Effective January 1, 2021 TransAct Version 5 will no longer be supported


System Requirements:
Windows 10® or operating system currently supported by Microsoft

Intel® AMD® Processor, 1 GHz or greater
1 GB of RAM or greater
1 GB available storage space (data dependent)

Virtually unlimited with user-definable categories
Full database backup including configuration files

Support for two printers with selectable drivers for most popular printers

Transaction Ticket:
Configurable weigh-in and weigh-out ticket formats, complete selection of variables and data types

Full reporting capabilities by account, job, material, hauler, ticket, truck, container, trailer or date
Age reports 30, 60, 90 days

Export Data:
Reports can be saved in various formats such as XLS, PDF, Word or HTML
Export/Import function for transferring transaction data in non-networking applications

Transaction Calculations:
Definable product rates, charges, taxes and customer discounts
Configurable percentage weight reductions for moisture and dockage

Accounting (TransAct Plus Version):
Full accounting capabilities
Accounts payable
Accounts receivable

Software Support:
Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers field software support for TransAct LE/TransAct/TransAct Plus
Contact our service department for software support
Software support is a chargeable service

NTEP CC 97-034

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