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Traffic Light Kits

Traffic Light Kits

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Traffic control is as simple as adding one of Rice Lake's stop and go lights to your truck scale process. Stop Lights from Rice Lake offer industrial-strength lighting systems that will professionally communicate the universal red and green stop/go commands at a distance, keeping your process moving quickly and efficiently.



  • Housing meets or exceeds ITE specifications

  • Stainless steel hardware

  • 8 inch LED lights, enclosure injection molded polycarbonate

  • LED modules

  • Compliant to ITE UTCSH - LED circular signal

  • Temperature compensated power supplies for long LED life

  • Conformal coated power supplies

  • Intertek/ETL certified and listed on ETL certification program

  • 135 VAC


  • 4.5in outer dimension aluminum pole

  • Cast aluminum base mounts to concrete with four anchor bolts

  • Base underside has integrated anchor bolt guide to ensure proper anchor placement.

  • Removable 8in access door for cable splicing and bolt attachments
    (H x W) 15in x 13 3/4in


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