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TL8500 Dynomometer

TL8500 Dynomometer

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Cost-Effective, Wireless, Overhead Load Management

Lightweight, Compact Design for Cranes, Riggers, Shipyards, Construction Sites, Surveyors, Inspectors, and Utilities.

When working around overhead loads or near line tensions, accuracy and safety cannot be compromised.  The TL8500™ Series Tension Link scales from Intercomp are the industry standard for verifying, controlling, and monitoring overhead loads and line tension while helping to maintain a safe work environment.

Tension links are built using aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel, or electroless nickel-plated steel alloy, with shock-mounted electronics in a NEMA 4x/IP65 weatherproof enclosure. Intercomp’s Tension Link scales are built to last in capacities up to 175 tons.


  • Available in Capacities up to 160,000 lb (80,000 kg)

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated Construction

  • Commercially Available 9-Volt Batteries Last up to 400 Hours of Continued Use


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