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SCS30 Solar Hanging Scale

SCS30 Solar Hanging Scale

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DETECTO’s exclusive digital solar hanging scale is powered completely by light and never requires battery replacement. The model SCS30 is NTEP approved legal for trade making it ideal for grocery stores, farmers markets, hardware stores, and roadside produce stands where customers pay by weight. The 30 lb/15 kg capacity and 0.01 lb/0.005 kg divisions offer you pinpoint measurement accuracy. The bold 1-inch-high LCD displays instant digital readouts. A stainless steel produce pan, hanging assembly, and two S-hooks are included, so the solar-powered scale is ready to use right out of the box, just add light! Requires minimum 400 lux. Optional stand available.


  • 30 lb / 15 kg Capacity

  • Automatic Zero Tracking

  • Digital Speed for Instantaneous Weight Readouts

  • Easy to Operate – No Buttons to Press

  • Exclusive Solar Powered Design

  • Includes Stainless Steel Produce Pan and 2 S-Hooks

  • Large 1-in/25-mm High Digits

  • Never Replace a Battery – Completely Solar Powered

  • NTEP Legal for Trade

  • Optional Stand Available (Model HS-STAND)


Model: SCS30
Capacity: 30 lb x 0.01 lb / 15 kg x 0.005 kg
Unit Conversion: lb / kg
Power: Solar cell
Solar Type: Amorphous silicon solar panel
Lighting Requirements: Minimum 400 lux
Recommended Placement: Indoors – direct light | Outdoors – indirect light (NOTE: Do not operate the SCS30 in direct sunlight)
LCD Digits: Five-digit, seven-segment, 1.0 in / 25 mm high bold digits
Annunciators: lb, kg, zero, solar charge status
Zero/Tare button (located on bottom of scale)
Certification: NTEP legal for trade
Accuracy Class: III
NTEP Certificate: 15-009
Temperature Range: 32º F to 104º F (0º C to 40º C)
Construction: Polycarbonate scale, stainless steel pan and bow
Includes: SCS30 digital scale, 2 S-hooks, 1 bow assembly, 1 ring assembly, 2 pan bow nuts, 2 wing nuts 5/16-18, 1 pan with 3 drainage holes
LCD Display Size: 3.9 in W x 1.4 in H / 9.9 cm W x 3.6 cm H
Scale Dimensions: 8.8 in diameter x 3.8 in D / 22.4 cm diameter x 9.7 cm D (round portion)
Overall Dimensions: 16 in W diameter x 32 in H / 40.6 cm W diameter x 81.3 cm H (including all components)
Pan Dimensions: 13.7 in diameter x 4.4 in H / 34.8 cm diameter x 11.2 cm H
Product Weight: 4.5 lb / 2.0 kg
UPC Code: 809161194401
Optional: Portable hanging scale stand (model HS-STAND)
Solar Panel Dimensions: 5 in W x 3.4 in H / 127 mm W x 86 mm H

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