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Sartorius Entris II Balance, Basic Advanced Series

Sartorius Entris II Balance, Basic Advanced Series

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  • Our BCA Entris II Advanced line gives you additional value to the Entris II  portfolio, with over 38 models offering benefits such as real-time level  support, integrated protection  systems, CalAuditTrail, a graphic  touch display and 13 built-in  application programs.

    The BCA offers additional functions to ensure compliance with quality control requirements. 

  • Simplifies balance leveling—with built-in real-time level support

  • Increases reliability of weighing results—using integrated protection systems

  • Password Controlled access to balance settings—with user management

  • Gapless documentation—thanks to CalAuditTrail


  • User-friendly operation

  • Basic applications

  • Monolithic weighing systems

  • Aluminum die-cast base, ABS housing

  • Front level bubble

  • RS-232 standard

  • Below balance weighing


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