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Sartorius Cubis II Ultra-Micro/Micro Balances

Sartorius Cubis II Ultra-Micro/Micro Balances

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Cubis II Ultra-Micro and Micro balances are the flagship of the balance line. Weighing module 2.7S provides 2-gram capacity combined with 0.1 microgram readability. Within the 1.0 microgram range Sartorius offers 10 gram, 6 gram & 3 gram capacities*. All weighing modules feature patented motorized leveling, automatic round glass draft chamber or stainless steel filter weighing module, hands free draft shield functionality, & chamber lighting. All weighing modules can be combined with an MCA (Advanced) or MCE (Essential) display/control module.


  • Modular design

  • User configurable & custom designed to meet changing applications

  • Meets advanced Pharma compliance including user/password management for security, audit trail function logs and integrated alibi memory

  • RS-232 and USB communication

  • Choice of display

  • MCA - Large, high-end 7" color touchscreen TFT display in 16:9 format

  • MCE - State-of-the-art, TFT touchscreen operation

  • -M/DH: Automatic glass draft shield

  • -F: Manual stainless steel draft shield


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