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RoughDeck® QC-X Quick Clean Extreme Solid Base Plate Floor Scale

RoughDeck® QC-X Quick Clean Extreme Solid Base Plate Floor Scale

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Safeguard Against What Lies Beneath

What can’t be seen can lead to devastating consequences—both for production facilities and consumers. For ultimate microbial resistance in sanitary environments, Rice Lake’s RoughDeck® QC-X washdown floor scale is designed to safeguard against microscopic bacteria in food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

The RoughDeck QC-X base is composed of solid, stainless steel, vertical plates—providing superior protection against bacteria and mold growth. The rugged design incorporates 304 stainless steel construction and four welded-seal load cells with PTFE cable for steam cleaning and washdown areas. The RoughDeck QC-X is designed to create ideal cleaning conditions for strict sanitation requirements.

When protection matters most, Rice Lake’s QC-X is the ideal solution for strict sanitary washdown environments.

Extreme Resistance

The scale base is built from solid, stainless steel plates. The absence of tubes or channels means peace of mind when cleaning the scale. Continuous welds on the solid base plates follow strict sanitary design principles.

Extreme Access

The top plate opens 75 degrees, allowing the entire scale interior to be washed and inspected.

Extreme Strength

An allover 304 stainless steel construction provides rugged strength in the toughest food, pharmaceutical or chemical environments. A choice of a smooth top plate deck or a diamond treadplate deck (for extra traction) allows further application accommodation.


  • Rugged washdown design, rigid 304 stainless steel frame constructed with continuous welds

  • Meets HACCP requirements

  • Manual drop-in-place safety bars

  • Four stainless steel, hermetically sealed, IP69K shear-beam load cells

  • 20 ft of SURVIVOR® EL147HE hostile environment cable for connecting junction box to indicator

  • Remote TuffSeal® JB4SS stainless steel NEMA Type 4X junction box can be mounted up to 15 ft away

  • 1/4 in top plate

  • Four adjustable stainless steel SUREFOOT™ support feet

  • Top plate opens 75 degrees

  • Tool-less top plate lock downs

  • Top plate available with a smooth deck or diamond treadplate

  • Two 1/2-20NF threaded eyebolt holes for lifting scale into pit frame


End Load Capacity:

80% full scale at 10,000 lb
100% full scale at 5,000 lb

RoughDeck QC-X weldment five years, load cells two years, all other components one year

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