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P600 Tape Printer

P600 Tape Printer

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The P600 Tape Printer incorporates versatile on-board electronics and has a print speed of up to 30 receipts per minute and 40 columns. These are some of the key features that provide the basis for its ability to be tailored to the simplest or most complex printouts needed for applications such as process control, inventory control, and material handling installations. The printer can be configured for continuous eject tape or can provide individual receipt slips as needed for the weighing installation. RS232 serial input. Standard serial printer cable provided.


  • 1 RS232 Serial Port

  • 40 Columns

  • Prints 30 Receipts per Minute

  • Standard Serial Printer Cable Provided


Print Speed: 30 receipts per minute
Max. Columns: 40
Cable: provided

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