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MSI-9008 Multiplexer

MSI-9008 Multiplexer

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The MSI-9008 is an accessory to the MSI-9000 CellScale. It functions as an 8 in and 1 out channel switch. The MSI-9008 expands a single CellScale input to 8 independent inputs. Due to the truly independent calibration capability of the CellScale, scales can be mixed in any type, capacity and resolution.

The MSI-9008 uses new generation analog switches which have a resistance of less than 5 ohm. This allows the MSI-9008 to be used at a distance from the CellScale without signal degradation due to noise pickup. In addition, the MSI-9008 provides switching of the excitation voltage. This reduces power consumption by removing power from any channel not currently being addressed. This also expands the load cell driving ability of the CellScale by a factor of four (excitation is switched in pairs). An 8-segment sunlight visible bar graph provides channel status.

Terminals are provided to permit daisy-chaining of a second MSI-9008 module to allow access to more CellScale input channels. The CellScale has 2 or 4 input channels. Using the maximum number of four MSI-9008 modules permits the CellScale to read 32 independent scale inputs.  Each input is EMI filtered and transient protected.


  • New generation analog switches

  • All inputs transient protected and EMI filtered

  • Excitation switched for reduced power consumption and increased load cell count

  • Screwless terminals for all wires. Accomodates AWG 16 to 24 wire

  • Designed for AC or DC excitation

  • The Mux channel is controlled by a three bit signal from the CellScale

  • Rugged milled aluminum, O-ring gasketed, NEMA 4, IP65 (NEMA 6, IP67 with optional connectors by special order)

  • 8 waterproof feedthroughs for load cell cabling and 1 large feedthrough for output to CellScale

  • Comes with 3m (10 ft) interface cable to CellScale. Longer cables available by special order

  • User supplies all other cables (usually part of the load cell or scale). Feedthrough connectors accomodate round cables with diameters from 4 mm (0.16 in) to 8 mm (.31 in)


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