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MH Floor Scales

MH Floor Scales

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Cardinal Scale’s Mini Hugger heavy-duty floor scale is perfect for industrial weighing applications and provides accurate and reliable drum or barrel weighing. The model MH-524 features a single point load cell, 24 x 24-inch mild steel platform with tan baked-on powder paint, 1/2-inch-thick deck plate, and the scale is rugged enough for daily use in the busiest of warehouses. The heavy, solid base (209 lb) provides a solid support structure for loading barrels and heavy containers on top while weighing. Four adjustable-height feet and a 10-ft-long load cell cable paired with any of Cardinal Scale’s 200 series digital indicators creates a weighing system that accomplishes any industrial job accurately and reliably.


  • 24-in Square Platform

  • 500-lb Capacity

  • Adjustable Height Mounting Feet

  • Heavy-Duty Base for Stable Drum Loading

  • Single Point Sealed Load Cell

  • Thick Steel Deck Platform


Capacity: 500 lb x 0.2 lb
Platform Size: 24 in x 24 in (Height is adjustable from 5.125 in - 5.875 in)
Platform Construction: Mild steel (industrial tan baked powder paint)
Deck Plate Thickness: 0.5 in / 13 mm
Mounting Feet: 4 adjustable, 2 in diameter
Operating Temperature: -10 to +40 °C / +14 to +104 °F
Net Weight: 209 lb
Shipping Weight: 225 lb
Load Cell: 1 Cardinal CHB series, 10’ load cell cable
Overload Stops: 1 at each corner (adjustable) and 1 at load cell (adjustable)
Output at Capacity: 1.1 mV/V

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