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LS20™ WIM Indicator

LS20™ WIM Indicator

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The LS20™ is a full-featured indicator ideal for any truck traffic application. Featuring an easy-to-read LCD display, and intuitive keypad design, the LS20™ fully controls scale functions. Built-in memory can store up to 3,000 separate weight records and save up to 250 unique truck IDs complete with tare weights, individual axle weights & total gross weight. This data can be exported via a USB drive or RS232 serial output for complete manned or unmanned weigh station capabilities. Electronics are housed in a weather-resistant enclosure for durability in the elements, and the LS20™ can communicate with an optional wireless printer and LED display for a complete system package.


  • Fully Controls Scale Functions

  • USB & RS232 Output

  • Store, Recall & Output 3,000 Separately Stored Weight Records

  • Store 250 Truck IDs with Tare Weights, Individual Axle Weights & Total Gross Weight

  • Communicates with Optional Wireless Printer & LED Display

  • Multi-Line 7-Digit LCD, Backlit Display Characters

  • Enclosed Within a Weather-Resistant Enclosure for Durability

  • Security Calibration Strap Locks Out Unauthorized Calibration


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