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IS-X Series Explosion Proof Scales

IS-X Series Explosion Proof Scales

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The Minbea Intec IS-X models are precision weighing platforms for weighing samples in hazardous areas/locations. The IS-X weighing platforms are ideal for use as inspection, measuring and test instruments in quality management systems. These units are often used in the mixing of gases and speed up both simple and complex routine procedures, saving time and making work much more efficient.

Minebea Intec IS-X weighing platforms meet the highest requirements placed on accuracy and reliability of weighing results through their rugged, durable weighing system. The weighing system will not be damaged if the maximum weighing capacity is occasionally exceeded. Efficient vibration filtering and approval for hazardous environments assure stable and reproducible results every time. Ultra fast response times increase work efficiency without sacrificing accuracy.

The IS-X offers direct connection to PC in a PLC or other control system for quickly capturing and organizing results. The weighing platform is also equipped with an RS-485 data interface which can be used to connect to a printer, PC, or universal remote switch through a Zener barrier.

For the highest precision in an explosion proof environment the IS explosion proof series is the ideal solution.


  • Network-capable: RS-485 interface is X-bus compatible

  • Built-in internal calibration function: at the touch of the unique ISO TEST Key, the IS platform calibrates and adjusts itself automatically using a built-in calibration weight

  • High resolution: guarantees reliable weight readouts

  • Fast weighing results: up to 50 times/second

  • Stainless steel load plate: all scales come standard with stainless steel load plate

  • High IP rating for ideal protection


Indicator Connectivity:
Combics CAIXS2 with option

Weighing Design:
Electro magnetic

Cable Length:
9 ft (2.75 m)

Weight stabilizes 1.5 second

RS-485 standard

Power Requirements:
Requires YPS02-XKR (46518) hazardous area power supply or YPS02-ZKR (46517) safe area power supply

Stainless steel platform, die cast or galvanized base construction (model dependent)

Ingress Protection:

Two-year limited warranty; accessories one year

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