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Ion BM Series Balances

Ion BM Series Balances

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  • Eliminates risk with smart weighing features

  • Enhanced OES Ordinal Electromagnetic Sensor with Micro 0.001mg resolution

  • Built-in fan-less ionizer to eliminate static interferences

  • Automatic Response Adjustment reduces effects from draft & vibration

  • One touch Full Digital Cal with Auto-Self Cal guards against temperature fluctuations


Eliminates Interferences

  • Easy ION switch allows built-in fan-less internal ionizer to neutralize electrostatically charged objects instantly at no additional costs

  • Large breeze chamber is flexible enough to adjust to all sample vessels small or large

  • Anti-static glass coating blocks outside electrical interferences

  • Auto response adjustment allows balance to auto or manually stabilize FAST, MID, SLOW depending on draft &vibration influences

  • Built in environmental sensors monitor and display the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure

Superior Functionality

  • Illuminated back-mounted spirit level bubble helps reduce leveling time and increase accuracy & precision

  • One touch Full Digital Calibration (internal & external) ensures balance is calibrated onsite for the best performance

  • Auto Self Calibration will detect changes in ambient temperature and auto calibrate.

Diverse Data Solutions

  • Data Memory up to 200 points

  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant reports with Manufacturer, Model, Serial, Balance ID, Time/Date, Mass Std, Signature space

  • Comes standard with USB and RS-232C with Optional Bluetooth and LAN Ethernet Interface with WinCT-Plus software

  • AD1688 Data Logger hand held device allows storage up to 5,000 pt with time/date and direct output via USB


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