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HV-C/CP & HW-C/CP Series Bench Scales

HV-C/CP & HW-C/CP Series Bench Scales

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  • High resolution and legal for trade models available

  • IP65 rated washdown construction with stainless steel pan

  • Large back-lit LCD with 1” high characters

  • 5-step comparator traffic lights


Stop over-filling and reduce product give-away

The HV-CWP/HW-CWP bench scales improve your productivity and profitability with the traffic-light comparator function.

  • Legal for trade models available, NTEP and Measurement Canada approved (HV-CWP)

  • High resolution models with up to 12,000 divisions and capacities of 20, 150, 200 and 500 lbs (HW-CWP)

  • IP65 protection for washdown use in messy areas

  • 10-digit keypad and memory make entering comparator limits convenient


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