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HH400 RFX Indicator

HH400 RFX Indicator

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Fully Integrated RFX® Wireless Weighing Technology!

Intercomp's HH400™ Handheld Weighing Indicator is an ideal wireless remote display for viewing and controlling scales from up to 300' (90m), line of sight. It offers three display modes, depending on your operational requirements and allows simultaneous viewing of data from up to four links, including total weight. The large, 3.3" (84 mm) graphic display (measured diagonally) is standard with backlight for improved visibility from most viewing angles. Also features output to RFX® Enabled Wireless Printers, Memory Storage, and RS232 output.


  • Handheld Weighing Indicator

  • Carrying Case


  • Control Scale Functions Directly from the Indicator

  • Communicate with up to Four Scales with a 300’ (90 m) Line of Sight

  • Easy to Use Indicator Shows Weights in a Variety of Ways

  • Store & Recall Up to 100 Records & Offers Continuous & On Demand Print Outputs

  • Large, 3.3" (84 mm) Graphic LCD Display with Backlight

  • Standard AA Batteries Last up to 40 Hours


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