D300 Wireless Wheelchair Scale

D300 Wireless Wheelchair Scale

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The D300 Wireless Wheelchair Scale is lightweight, making it ideal for portable home health providers, yet heavy-duty and durable so it can withstand the repeated weighing requirements of long term care and hospital environments.


  • Four lightweight, wireless scale pads

  • Powder-coated molded plastic and cast aluminum construction

  • Four wheel-stops and roll-up ramps

  • Handheld controller

  • Rubber controller glove and lanyard

  • Optional carrying case


D300-8:  800 lb x 0.5 lb (363 kg x 0.2 kg)

Wheel pads: Eight EL-123 batteries per scale system (two per pad) (included)
Controller: Three AAA lithium batteries (included)

Operating Temperature:
50° F to 90° F (10° C to 32° C)

Two-year limited warranty